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Heat Transfer LT is a special coated paper for transfer of images to light-coloured textiles,
making customising T-shirts, tote bags, and other cotton-based fabrics an easy activity,
doable with a household iron. Suitable for most inkjet printers.


Printer Driver settings:

Set to Transfer Paper mode (if available) or Normal Paper using best print quality.


  1.  Print in mirror image mode onto the white, unprinted side of the transfer paper.
  2.  Allow printout to dry for 30 minutes before continuing.
  3.  Pre-heat your iron at its highest setting. To achieve optimal results, please ensure     
     your iron is capable of reaching a temperature of 160C+ at its highest setting.
  4.  Cut out the image with 5mm space and place the paper with image side face down   
     onto the fabric which must be wrinkle free and pre-ironed.
  5.  Place a smooth cloth (e.g. 2-3 kitchen towels or a folded pillowcase between the
     fabric and a solid surface (e.g. table top)
  6.  Iron the image by applying consistent circular downward pressure, ensuring you
     distribute the heat evenly.
  7.  Concentrate on using the centre of the iron during transfer, including all edges of
     image. Do not use steam. Apply heat for 60-90 seconds (for A5-sized images) and
     90-120 seconds for larger sizes.
  8.  Let the transfer paper cool and peel off the interleaving paper from one of the corners
     using firm and steady pressure.
  9.  To transfer more than one image onto both sides of a fabric: iron all images onto
     the fabric but do not remove the transfer backing paper. Allow the images to cool down
     completely before removing the transfer paper.


Print Troubleshooting:

Poor image: bleeding colours/text
Reduce the amount of ink by increasing the brightness by about 10%.


Care Instructions:

Wash at max 40C, turning the fabric inside out. Do not bleach. Do not use a tumble-dryer.
Ironing after after washing: protect the image with paper (e.g. kitchen baking paper)